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Data Center Architecture

10 Ways to Boost Data Center Operations!

Data centers require a substantial amount of energy. This is because they are designed for capacity, reliability and performance, generally at the cost of its efficiency. This high demand of energy for data center operations unnecessarily increased the capital and operational expenditures, and can result

Data Driven decision Making

Data Driven Decision- Sounds Great In Theory, But What About In Practice?

Data-driven culture is taking everyone by storm. The culture is successfully adopted by several organizations as it has succeeded in generating lots of reports, accurate ones. A data-driven culture is said when an organization’s progress is measured using data rather than intuition (gut feel) or

website uptime monitoring

Website Uptime Monitoring: Here’re 8- Checklists for a Start-up or Established Website

“Start-ups can’t afford to miss an SEO trick when it comes to launching a new site”…                                                                                                       Anonymous When you launch a website or if you already exist online, you’d always aim to take your site or hone your on-site search engine rank. For this, you

Take your Booth to the next level by using Virtual Reality

Virtual technology brings a great influence in the cooperate world. Now by using this advanced technology they can easily enhance and market their products in a well-mannered way. Especially in the trade shows there are a plenty of benefits which can easily achieve by using

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Inheritance in Java: What Should You Know?

Inheritance in Java is a methodology by which a class gets the property of another class. Using it, a child inherits the detail from its parents. By the use of this property, a child class gets the properties of its parents. It means that with