18 July 2024

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is a cryptographic protocol. The primary objective of SSL is to keep communication safe and secure on the internet. An SSL certificate is a digitally signed file which is used for a particular domain name.

The certificate typically contains issuer signature, serial number, and expiration date. An SSL certificate needs to be first installed on the server. Once this installation process is complete, one can access service through HTTPS and other SSL protocols like FTPs.

Let us get to know why SSL certificate is vital for a website.

Encrypts information

The biggest benefit of an SSL certificate is encrypted information that can be read and understood only by the intended parties. Information shared on Internet forms usually passes through more than one computer before it reaches its final destination. The more steps and computer are involved, higher are the chances of leading this information to a third party.

An SSL certificate inserts random characters in the original information making in incomprehensible to anyone without the encryption key. Even if the information somehow goes into the wrong hands, it will be useless and unreadable

Besides, visitors to a site recognize an encrypted website in several ways. The most prominent recognizable sign is the replacement of HTTP protocol with https. It shows that a page is secure and backed up by another visual cue – a lock image, most probably in browser’s status/location bar.

At present, most online savvy shoppers look for these things before making online payment or purchase.

data encryption

Gives authentication

Any big or small business or service want to make sure that the information on their website, like customers’ information doesn’t go to the wrong server or hands. While obtaining an SSL certificate, another type of protection known as server certificate is also issued.

This certificate plays the role of a mediator between browsers and SSL servers indicating that SSL certificate provider can be trusted. Customers are usually allowed to view these documents to validate that a website has an SSL certificate, a site is up to date, and the pages viewers are entering information is not an imitation.

Improves customers’ trust

All these elements jointly work together to establish trust between customers and business. Providing customers with security for their information and ways to verify that security improves confidence helps them to ensure a positive buying experience.

Going through the authorization process is required to obtain a trusted SSL certificate.  Given the benefits, it is worth the effort. Without one, it is difficult to take payments which deter the customers to avail the service or product of a business.

Online shoppers are often very conscious about their sensitive personal information, and an SSL security is the best mean to give them peace of mind.

With more businesses going online and threats mounting, companies are being prompted to adopt advanced security measures, and SSL certificate is one of them.

It is a step which is used to deploy the bigger risks associated with the e-commerce industry today. For companies as well as small business, it is an essential step toward securing the future.

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